Gobarto wdrozylo SFA

Major Polish manufacturer of filters, PZL Sędziszów SA, implements Infinite EDInet for sending and receiving purchase orders (POs) electronically.

Infinite EDInet Communicator will be responsible for the seamless exchange of purchase orders between PZL Sędziszów and one of its business partners.

 Switching from the paper-based to the digital document circulation will allow the automotive company to enhance its order processing as well as eliminate errors arising from the manual data entry. Also, the EDInet platform will be integrated with the ERP system used by PZL Sędziszów.

Infinite suggested a flexible EDI solution adjusted to the business needs of the automotive company. The implementation of Infinite EDInet Communicator will allow us to make cooperation between PZL Sędziszów and its business partners much more convenient – DariThe optimization of expenses arising from order processing is the key part of EDInet platform implementation. Apart from reducing the costs of printing and shipping transaction documents, the new EDI system will reduce the administrative workload of PZL Sędziszów staff.

Infinite EDInet is one of the IT solutions offered within Infinite Paperless package successfully implemented at automotive companies. Infinite Paperless Solutions eliminate paper from the B2B communication.

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