Every company regardless of its business can become Paperless, because thanks to IT we can turn documents into their electronic counterparts. Running a production company we are dealing with shift work and numerous requirements to meet, then T&A Attendance Management system comes to the rescue. 

When we have a large number of protocols, consents from customers, then we can implement e-signing so that customers can sign on the tablet. Then we do not have to print anything and nothing will be lost. When your company has many distribution channels, you can have all orders in one place, control inventory and at the same time have information on how the competition works. Each company has different processes and other needs that can be digitized, which will bring many benefits. Below 5 of the most important ones that are noticeable from the moment of implementation.


1. Eliminating errors.

Thanks to the standardization and structuring of documents, we eliminate places where errors may appear, because if the required field is not completed, the system itself will remind to provide needed information. Geographical distances, time zones, business days do not matter, because documents are sent real-time and available 24/7. Well adapted workflow of the existing processes in the company brings benefits very quickly. Less errors, documents status, faster approval process and no need to send documents repeatedly save time and money.

2. Searching information and archiving documents.

Implementation of Paperless strategy in the company means that we do not need to store a lot of files and folders with documents, because all the documents are stored in the cloud. Companies have access to information at anytime and anywhere. This applies to both contracts, invoices, communication with clients as well as employee documents. In this way, we do not print contracts, annexes and other relevant documents, and employees submit a handwritten signature on a tablet with a biometric layer, which is a safe and lawful solution.

3. Savings.

Companies buy less paper, and we do not need to store the documents in special archives later. Besides, due to electronic documents, manual data entry is completely eliminated. When choosing systems or platforms, pay attention to whether there is the possibility of integration with others already operating in the company. At Infinite IT Solutions, we make sure that individual solutions can read data from other systems. In this way, any process, e.g. communication with clients, can be under control, because thanks to e-Customer Service Centre the clients can see the history of settlements and receive important information from the supplier on an ongoing basis.

4. Security.

Only authorized employees have access to electronic documents, and when we need to find some documents, we can do it in a short time without browsing a large number of binders. In a situation where we have control from outside, we can very quickly make available temporarily only those documents that are checked. If we use the Infinite e-Archive Suite, which is properly secured, each document saves data about who and when browsed the file. Documents are protected against modification by means of a time stamp, and only authorized users have access to them. In addition, in Infinite IT Solutions we use procedures that have received ISO certification. Additionally each company receives an individual certificate confirming the submission of an electronic signature (Infinite e-Sign Suite) in accordance with the law. All to ensure, that the data entrusted to us is safe and that no unauthorized person has access to it.

5. Building relationship with clients.

Every company needs to grow and develop business activities. Providing the right tool to sales teams help them to focus only on sales activities and develop business relationships with customers. Infinite SFA Suite eliminates the need of printing sales documents, supports signing order electronically by customer, collects sales information from the market. Everything is available on the go, using a mobile device anytime, anywhere. Customers can be served better and products can be promoted in a better way (possibility to display pictures/videos). Company which decided to implement a Infinite SFA Suite solutions looks more professional and can organize sales activities in the better way.


Companies which decide to act without printing unnecessary documents, gain a lot. They save time and money and at the same time the environment gains. They reduce the amount of purchased and printed paper for which trees and a lots of water are needed. In addition, they produce less rubbish, because paper documents must be destroyed and disposed of sooner or later. Being Paperless just pays off.

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