This is the effect of the operator's cooperation with Infinite IT Solutions and Samsung. Over 100,000 Orange Polska customers in nearly 200 operator's showrooms signed documents on the tablet using a biometric signature. It means that over half a million sheets of paper have been saved in three months. 

 Sales and service documents in electronic form are easier to send and catalogue. This solution can be adapted to the needs of various companies or institutions.

Orange Polska is the first telecommunications operator in Poland, which allows clients to sign documents on the tablet. It means that customers who will include e.g: contracts in the showroom, sign it on the tablet and the document will go to their e-mail in an electronic version. At the customer's request the documents can be printed but only in one copy. The whole process runs very quickly and signed document gives the client the same rights as the paper version i.a. warranty and complaint.
"The use of tablets for signing contracts was a very good decision, as confirmed by both customers and our employees. They notice many positive effects of this innovation. It is primarily fewer errors, faster start-up of the service, much less printed paper, process automation. We want to make this possibility available in all showrooms in Poland - it's a convenient solution for customers, facilitating our work and also ecological" - says Karolina Gorzewska from Orange Polska.
Orange showrooms are equipped with Samsung P580 tablets. The IT system has been adapted by Infinite IT Solutions with using the Signatus platform to the needs of Orange Polska. The platform records the composite signature, geographical coordinates, dynamics and the way of writing which are characteristic of each of us. Then the data is encrypted and attached to the file. Thanks to security, such a signature can’t be copied or transferred to another document.
It is important that the technologies available on the market adapt to the realized processes. Then implementation is faster and easier and the benefits are quickly noticeable. It was in case with the project for Orange Polska. We are happy about the fact, that customers appreciate the change introduced - comments Andrzej Mioduski from Infinite IT Solutions.
Samsung tablets guarantee the stability of installed software and security of processed data at the highest level - provides Marek Pajączkowski from Samsung.
e-Signing is a great convenience for both the company and its customers. It is a completely safe solution in accordance with requirements of applicable law. There are a lot of possibilities to use it and it can be adapted to a specific business e.g: collecting approvals, protocols, contracts, sales documents and many others. It can be especially effective in companies with a dispersed structure for tasks HR, administrative or logistics.

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