If you have not seriously considered automated document generation, it means that you are still wasting your team and time for manual tasks.

When you automate document generation, your company takes the first step towards providing the information the team and customers need, even when you seem to be in a dead end.


Since Infinite IT Solutions has implemented the first systems to facilitate the distribution of documents in organizations, at the same time we thought that it would only take a few years before the paper was liquidated in business. In the current situation of total business paralysis due to a world-raging pandemic, we have taken up the challenge of encouraging entrepreneurs to use the Infinite Paperless solution, which successfully eliminates the need to print documents and allows you to do business matters without leaving home


The company complies with the Paperless policy. What does this mean exactly?

When a company decides to even slightly reduce paper consumption and minimize the associated costs, it is desirable to start with the least-investment-intensive activities, i.e. changes in procedures or the introduction of a limited printing policy. It is good to start each action by analyzing what we are printing at the moment. Even just changing the font or layout of a document can save up to 30% on printing costs, which in the case of a medium-sized bank that prints two million pages per month, saves a lot of money.

The next stage is the digitization of documents whose original copies are scanned and the organization uses their e-version. The last and highest level of business process improvement occurs when a document, even the one requiring a signature, is not printed at all. From a legal point of view, this is completely possible since July 2016, when the eIDAS Regulation entered into force in the European Union. The regulation extends the scope of electronic solutions to ensure identification and is a milestone towards replacing the traditional signature in favor of IT solutions and electronic signature.


From the idea to the system

Nowadays, effective implementation of changes aimed at minimizing paper consumption has transformed the organization on many levels. In addition to financial benefits, the most interesting changes are indirectly due to a lack of paper. It turns out that when we are not permanently attached to a particular desk, in an organization that has gone paperless, new, more flexible solutions, such as remote work, appear. This is not the last positive aspect. Finally, the environment is also improving, which is the key to a paperless culture - work and live in harmony with nature.


What if you stay home?

Over the past decades, many business processes in organizations are carried out using only MS Word and Outlook. Clever analysis of the directions and content of correspondence is of great value at the stage of process discovery and we cannot overlook it when analyzing the needs of our clients. Infinite IT Solutions has been constantly developing Paperless solutions for several years. We have created the Infinite Paperless solution that is known not only to users but also to IT departments. It is a tool that allows you to process matters and documents in electronic form. A tool in which cases are processed like emails and documents are electronically signed.


Advantages of remote work in the home office

An office with the smallest number of full file binders is the goal that more and more companies are striving for. But aside from the obvious cost savings and contribution to reducing the company's environmental impact, the transition to electronic document exchange has other benefits that some companies are still not aware of.


Remote work is more efficient when the company operates in accordance with the Paperless policy

Digital document management systems are faster and more flexible than paper-based file management. By using a digital document management system, you save time searching for documents. Information is more accessible to all employees. At the same time, it is easier to limit access to confidential documents. Digital documents are available remotely from anywhere, enabling employees to work remotely. Owning digital files improves document history, i.e. it is easier to trace the origin of digital documents and know when and who last changed them.


Greater document security

The security of information stored in digital format is much greater than the security of documents submitted on paper. In addition to making it easier to limit access to confidential information stored in digital format, backing up is also easier and cheaper, which makes it possible (and much easier) to recover information in the event of file loss or data theft. Meanwhile, paper documents are much more vulnerable to accidents - leaks, floods, fires and are much more easily accessible to third parties.


Lower costs

Digitization of documents has a direct impact on cost reduction. Not only because companies do not have to buy as much paper as before, but also saves on printer maintenance and buying spare parts. On the other hand, if all company documents are digitized and can be sent by email, you no longer have to spend money on mailing.


Less space for storing files

Freeing up space for archiving physical documents is also one of the main advantages of an electronic office. The digital document management system allows companies to archive everything in the cloud or on private company servers. The space saved can be used for office expansion or other applications that bring more value to employees, such as a place to rest for socializing with colleagues.



All of the above-mentioned aspects mean that more and more companies are choosing electronic document exchange in all business processes. At Infinite IT Solutions, we are already an office without paper documents and we strongly believe in the benefits of document scanning systems and digital document management. To help companies in the current pandemic situation which are forced to work remotely, Infinite IT Solutions offers a number of solutions, not only for fast and secure document exchange, but also those that require an electronic signature online. Businesses using e-signatures do not have to print contracts to send for signature by mail. Instead, they can send them via the specially dedicated Infinite Paperless application, thanks to which the signatories - suppliers or clients of our clients - could sign their electronic signature without leaving home.


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